About this blog…

So were does this word Brotroscopy come from, who am i and what is this blog all about?

My name is Ian, i am 25 years old and i work in science education for a non-profit science museum in the Pacific Northwest. I studied sociology and urban planning in college and was proud band nerd in high school. Ive spent most of my life on the west coast although i was born on the east coast.

The word Brotroscopy is current iteration of an ongoing joke/favorite conversation topic/fast becoming a serious interest for me. That sounds confusing, let me explain……

It all started when i got a job as a planetarium presenter at the previously mentioned science museum. I was thrilled to get the job as it meant, to me that my post college life was starting to go somewhere. Part of this job was to perform laser light shows every weekend to crowds of giddy high schoolers, inebriated college students and aging Pink Floyd fans. It was my favorite part of my job. Not only had i gone to many laser light shows in high school but i also loved Pink Floyd. As my tenure as a “laserist” went on i began to notice the correlation between the demographic makeup of my audience and the quality of the show. I shared my observations with the ushers i worked with and we realized that the more “bros” we had in the audience the better the show. And so was born the bro quotient, or brotient if you like. We knew the exact ratio of bros to normal folk that we needed in a show to get a good rowdy, appreciative crowd.

Inevitably what came next was the expansion and classification of the bros that we so loved. There were bras, brosifs, brosiahs, brother mans, bronoloas, brokowskis and more. All with their distinct mannerisms, dress, vocab, educational background etc. This became my favorite dinner table conversation topic. My friends and girlfriends at the time either chose to participate with me in my mild obsession with bros or looked the other way when i yelled “duuuuude bro!” in satire/homage to my subject matter.

No dont get me wrong, my taxonomy of bros came from the heart for I too was, is and will be a bro for a reasonable percentage of my life. I began to refine my taxonomy into a hierarchy with the ultimate goal being the emotional awareness of a bro and his personal journey into self awareness and maybe even spiritual experiences.

Whoa, ok so i admit this is when things took a turn towards the serious and seriously silly. Maybe some of my supporters dropped off at this point. Thats ok, the path of a bro can be a lonely one.

So long story short. In creating a hierarchy and adding more psychology and taking away the humor i change this from a silly joke to a refined interest. I realized this suddenly and at the same time realized that a hierarchy would do no good. I couldn’t say that a brosiah is better than a brosif. They were all good in their own ways no matter how educated or uneducated they were. So the hierarchy became a spectrum and thus Brotroscopy was born. A spectrum along which the modern white middle class male falls.

This spectrum is the current state of my interest in the topic of bros. Let me refine that some. My interest is in masculinity and the way the majority of males express it. Masculinity and how it dominates so much of our education system, business worlds, social lives and religious spheres. Stoicism, anger, violence and emotional numbness are values that are associated with masculinity that we push on boys and girls alike.

Our world is an increasingly masculine one and even hyper-masculine  and that leads me to think; what are we missing out on? what does this obsession with hyper-masculinity take away from us, our friends, family and youth? I see this almost every where i look and i cannot keep these thoughts in my head anymore. I have created this blog to be a place for me to explore, document, and comment on how  hyper-masculinity take away from the joy that we can experience in this world.

To do this I draw on my experiences as a white middle class male, an educator, a former college student and overall someone who wants to find the things that are holding us back from experiencing  a joy filled world.

Enjoy what you find here, i hope you find something that connects to what you experience and expands your thoughts.

Much love,


4 Responses to About this blog…

  1. Eric H-T says:

    Alright Mr. Ian, I’ll buy into your premise and your interest in the topic of masculinity, social norms, and general bro-interest. I do question the inclusion of “white” as one of the identifiers for bros, although I think you could do with an elaboration on the definition of the basic bro, and then maybe I could make some sense of it. I really like all your posts so far, so you will now be the first blog ever to which I actually subscribe.

    • brotroscopy says:

      Hi Eric,

      I thank you for you comments and your feedback! I am new at this blog thing so every post and action is a new step for me. So far the reason that i have included white as a qualifier is that although hyper masculinity spans across all societies and cultures the American white middle class is the one that i feel the most comfortable talking about and knowledgeable about. I am sure that across all cultures the presence of masculinity and its connection to social norms varies and that is something that i hopefully will gain more knowledge about in the future. I do agree with you that the definition of bro can use more elaboration and clarification. But i am torn between elaborating on bros and their characteristics and focusing on hyper masculinity and how it appears in our culture. But who knows? i made this blog as place to simply clarify my thoughts and ideas about this topic and see how it changes and evolves. I really have no idea where it will take me!

      Thanks again for your feedback!

  2. Dear Ian:
    I love everything about this topic! I hope you will post more frequently. I’ll check back. I am always looking for posts that kind of fill my need for “science” — you may just become my go to bro.

    • brotroscopy says:

      Thanks Renee! Im new at blogging and its nice to get some good feedback! Im not sure how scientific i am but i definitely l love science and enjoy teaching it and writing about!

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